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A customised online learning platform, which hosts a selection of learning materials, resources and our Alumnae Zone

Online Learning Materials

Here you can find our TechUPWomen Taster Course available to everyone for free. Created using resources custom made for our TechUPWomen programme, these resources where pulled together to give an impression of both the technical and pastoral elements of the programme and create a pipeline of potential future TechUPWomen learners. Over 400 learners have enrolled on the course to date!

The platform is also used to host content for closed cohort programmes under TechUPWomen and TechUPTraining.

Digital Skills Course

The team recently worked with a new partner, Santander Universities, and the Institute of Coding to produce and host a three digital skills course which reached over 8,400 learners.

Course Content

This course was developed to support learners in taking their first step on the pathway to building their digital skills. The course was delivered fully online, at an introductory level and could be completed at the learners own pace – when it suits them best. In total, we offered eight hours of digital learning.

This introduction to digital skills could help learners to:

  • Return to, or start education
  • Return to work, or pivot your career
  • Set up a business online
Module One (All participants)

This first module introduced the course and helped the learner prepare to take the first step on the pathway to building their digital skills. It:

  • Helped them choose the equipment and software that they need to access the internet and complete basic digital tasks.
  • Introduced core internet search techniques that will help them find what they need online.
  • Provided additional information on technology and the internet.

At the end of this module, learners were able to get online and use the internet safely and effectively to connect with people, find information, and further their educational, work and business goals.

Module Two (All participants)

This section will provide you with an understanding of social media and how to use it to showcase learner’s skills and capabilities, build a professional network and interact with others.  It:

  • Provided an introduction to social media and how to use different social platforms for different purposes.
  • Gave guidance about how to stay safe and protect personal information whilst using social media.
  • Provided recommendations and lessons on how to start using social media for professional development.
  • Shared the tools and technologies that you needed to stay safe online, from encryption, selecting secure passwords, to anti-virus software.

At the end of this section, learners were able to create or build their social media presence and use this to connect with others whilst staying safe and protecting their information, privacy and contacts.

Modules Three and Four

When registering for the course, learners were able to pick a learning pathway:

Return to Work

Provided an introduction to some of the digital skills needed to find the right job and support the learner to build the future career they want.

Learning objectives:

  • Discover tools, technology, and strategies to help individuals find the right job.
  • Develop resources, social profiles and materials to showcase skills.
  • Learn to use social media and online searches to find opportunities and connect with potential employers and recruiters.
  • Gain tips on how to prepare for a successful interview.
  • Create a productive virtual office that will support working from home and set up work/life boundaries.
  • Learn how to get organised and build digital skills for work.

By the end of this pathway learners had the tools to help find the right job online, showcase their skills, nail their interview, and set up a virtual office that makes a return to work easier to organise.

Starting a business online

Provided an introduction to some of the key digital skills needed to start a business online and provided a step-by-step action plan for setting up a business.

Learning objectives:

  • Discover tools, technology, and strategies to use to research, develop and launch the business.
  • Develop a business plan.
  • Learn how to use social media to achieve business objectives.
  • Understand different online applications including cloud-based platforms, and how to use applications to build the business.
  • Develop the business brand and create a brand toolkit.
  • Build a basic website to showcase the business and connect with customers/clients

By the end of this pathway learners had the tools to help them build and launch their business online and understand how to use websites, social media and cloud-based platforms to help them run and develop the business.

Returning to Education

Provided advice and information on the range of educational and training opportunities available and supported individuals to get started with their learning.

Learning objectives:

  • Discover tools, technology, and strategies to help determine learning style and find the right course, training or certification programme
  • Learn to use social media and online searches to find information about courses and connect with others
  • Create the best possible LinkedIn profile
  • Learn how to build an online presence to showcase educational skills and achievements

By the end of this pathway learners had the tools to help them find the right course or programme to support their learning or career goals. They were  also able to build their network and boost their employability by highlighting skills and educational accomplishments to current or future employers.

Future Programmes

There are none scheduled at the present time.

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